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In many countries across the globe, government schools and private schools exist side by side. This is basically because the education industry is a very big one. There are millions of candidates seeking admission into nursery, primary and post-primary institutions of learning. Since the government schools may not be able to cope with the huge number of applicants, private schools are established by wealthy individuals and corporate organisations. These private schools in the uk and elsewhere serve as viable alternatives to candidates who are unable to get into government schools.

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Private schools operate at different levels

One of the best things about private schools is the relative independence that these institutions enjoy. In some countries, the federal government runs universities and polytechnics. The state government runs secondary schools and the local government councils are responsible for education at nursery and primary level. The private school owner is not restricted to operating at primary, secondary or post-secondary level. In fact, a reputable private school can run a primary and a secondary school simultaneously. The important thing is that the school authority employs qualified people and runs the school in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the education ministry and any other government agency in charge of the private school system.

Different options for different folks

In the UK, parents who want their children to attend private schools have many options. Some private schools are run by churches and Christian organisations while others are run by Islamic foundations and Muslim denominations. It is also possible to find private schools run by voluntary agencies, NGOs and corporate investors.

School fees in private schools

From the perspective of the government school, education is a social service. This is why the school fees in many government schools are relatively low. The government is not a profit-making organisation and this is why it does charge very high school fees. In any case, the education ministry funds the government school so these institutions may not really need to charge very high school fees to survive. In the private school system, the situation is a bit different. The private school investor is not in business to lose money. For this reason, the private school owner has to charge school fees to pay teachers' salaries and run the institution.

Educational standards in private schools

Some people believe that all private schools have very high standards because these schools are expensive. This is not necessarily true. It does not follow that the most expensive schools out there are the best ones. Private schools have high standards because the relevant government agencies supervise these schools and insist that they do the right thing. Again, many private schools owners can afford to poach competent teachers from government schools by offering the teachers high salaries. Generally, people who are well-paid are likely to put in their best. This is one of the secrets behind the high standards of some private schools.

Private schools and religion

Religion is a very powerful thing. Many Muslims want their children to attend schools run the Islamic way. The same thing applies to many people who practice Christianity and Judaism. These are some of the reasons behind the popularity of private schools in many parts of the UK.